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Spa Salon Management

Right sized, user friendly business process operations with Open ERP.

Perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms include highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

 Staff/Beautician Configuration and Management

Employee configuration is done against respective specialized services.
If no employee is assigned to any of the service then that service will not be visible in the front-end of the POS.
Employee / Beautician is allocated to customer/member according to the service they choose and/or according to their preferences.

 Staff/Beautician Management

POS system for salon makes easy to select right Employee / beautician for right work and for right customer.
Manager can allocate the task to the Employee / beautician on depending upon the preference of the customer also.
Manager can select the beauticians based upon their respective skills.

 Staff/Beautician Commission Management

Commission is given on the basis of how much revenue is generated by the Employee / Beautician. Percentage of the commission will be calculated based upon the section decided and percentage assigned to that section.
Fixed percentage type commision can be defined and assigned to the Employee / beautician and according to that fixed percentage, the commission be calculated automatically for the respective Employee / beautician.

 Chair Management and Allocation

Allocation of chairs to Employee / beautician to work on it.
Only the chairs assigned to the user can be seen by the user as to make the system compartmentalized.
Easy viewing of allocated chairs and empty chairs.
Helps in providing quick service to the customers/members.
Same chair can not be assigned to two different floors & chair names are dynamically automatically sequentially generated upon creation.

 Membership Enrollment

Customers can enroll themselves as the member of Salon to get added benifits offered by the salon.
Customers can choose to be a member of the Spa-salon by purchasing any particular membership scheme from the list of available membership at any given point of time.
It alos sends different types of mail notification like when membership buy,membership payment and on expire day,before one day,ten days of membership expired which keeps the member updated about the facilities he/she is using.



 Customer Management

 Analysis of Revenue


 Easy Booking and Scheduling

Easy calendar view to manage appointments.
Send email notification on booking confirmation.
Spa Salon Management
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