Remote team management

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Remote team management

Right sized, user friendly business process operations with Open ERP.

Perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms include highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

Project Management App

Customize the process of every project, rename stages and alerts according to your own activities, automate emails, etc.
Work on single or multiple projects at the same time.
Perform multi-project analysis and searches.
Create subtasks to manage the relationship between multiple tasks.
Track internal projects with tasks and manage teams efficiently by setting clear priorities and deadlines with the Gantt chart view.
Drag & drop tasks easily with the Kanban view.
Track expected hours, effective hours, re-forecasts on tasks.
Archive tasks done and have a clear view of the other tasks you still need to work on.

HR Timesheet App

Track your team’s progress
Activity logging
Invoice timesheets to clients
Forecast productivity
Timesheet profit:

Optional Third party integrations

Zoom Meetings, GotoMeetings, Microsoft Office 365 Teams
Slack, Whatsapp for communication
Hubstaff for Employee time tracking

Virtual Meetings Integration

Instant Messaging Integration


Hubspot  Integration

Documents Management Integration

Remote team management
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