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Purchase Managment

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Purchase Amendment

In Odoo Once after the confirmation of purchase order, system will not allow us to modify the Purchase order and purchase order lines like Product, Order quantity and Terms & Condition. After installing the Purchase Amendment Module after the confirmation of a purchase order, a button will appear on the screen as amendment. When user clicks on this button system will cancel the incoming shipment against the order and moves the order state to Draft after making the required changes, user can again confirm the purchase order.


Red Office Folder with Inscription Assets.
Red Office Folder with Inscription Assets.

Default Terms & Conditions (Purchase)

 Automatic add terms & conditions in purchase order.
 Print terms & conditions in purchase order report.
 Add default terms & conditions in purchase config settings.


Vendor Pricelists
Purchase Orders
Requests for Quotation

Whatsapp Purchase

This module is used for Whatsapp Purchase

SO & PO Multi Product Selection

This module allows select multi-product in Sale order and Purchase order

Purchase Product Consumption Info

Purchase Product Consumption Info

Purchase Template

Purchase Stock

Tax Balance

Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills for Stock

Purchase Requisition Stock

Purchase Requisition Stock

Display Pending Purchase Quantity on Product

Display Total Quantity of Pending Purchase order on Product Kanban View

Add Multiple Products on Purchase RFQ

Add Multiple Products on Purchase RFQ

Split Purchase RFQ

Split purchase RFQ

Barcode scanning support for sale and Purchase

Use barcode in Purchase order

Payment Pivot & Graph Report View

Add Pivot and Graph View Report to the Payment in Account Module

Account Invoice Start End Dates

Adds start/end dates on invoice/move lines

Partner Ledger with Partner Filter

Creates a partner ledger report by filtering partners

Account Banking Mandate

Banking mandates

Account Analytic Defaults

Analytic Defaults

Account Bank Statement Import

Generic Wizard to Import Bank Statements.

Bank Account Transfer Line

Bank Account Transfer Line
Purchase Managment
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