Hospital Management System

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Hospital Management System

Right sized, user friendly business process operations with Open ERP.

Perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms include highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

Hospital Management System Base

Appointment & Prescription

Operation Theatre Booking

Medical Surgery Management

Hospitalization Management




Facility Management


Patient Porrtal

Webcam & Barcode Integration


ACS HMS Dashboards

Patient Barcode in Hospital Management 

Certificate Management System

Hospital Patient Document Management 

Patient Insurance Management System

Hospital Laboratory Management 

Medical Representative

Hospital Next Patient Waiting Screen 

Hospital Pharmacy Management

Hospital Vaccination Management

Hospital Patient Portal Management 

Hospital Doctor Commission Management 

Facility Management System 

HMS Online Appointment

Documents Preview

Laboratory Imaging

HMS Operation Theater Booking

International Classification of Diseases (ICD10)

Patient Image Using Webcam

Bank Account Transfer Line

SMS Management 

Hospital SMS Notification 

HMS Subscriptions (Appointment)

HMS Subscriptions (Physiotherapy)

Video Call/Conference using Jitsi Meet

Gaynec Management 

Physiotherapy Management 

Ophthalmology Management 

 Odontology (Dental) Management 


Medical Representative


Hospital Management System
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