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Right sized, user friendly business process operations with Open ERP.

Perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms include highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet(1)

Allow your Project Managers to create a Job Cost Sheet(s) for your Project(s)/Contract(s)/Job Order(s)/Work Order(s)/Construction Projects under jobs application.
Allow you to create and manage Project/Contract with Job Orders / Work Orders
Allow your project team to create and manage Project Notes and Job Order Notes / Work Order Notes.
Allow users to create and manage notes .
Allow your Employee and Project Users / Managers to create and manage material requisition for Job Orders / Work Orders they are working on for any Project. They can create material requisition requests for materials / stock they want in Job Order for Project.
Allow you to create and manage Material Requisitions (BOQ) for Job Orders / Work Orders of Project(s).
Allow your project team / project manager to configure/setup Material Costs, Labour Costs and Overheads Costs on the Job Cost Sheet where the project team can plan for your different jobs of Project.

Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet(2)

Allow you to create and manage multiple job cost sheets for single Project/Job Order/Contract.
Print PDF reports for Job Cost Sheet and Job Orders.
Allow you to create Job Types for different types of jobs your company is doing for your customers.
Allow you to configure job stages for job orders of projects.
Cost Center Selection on Vendor bill, Purchase order, Timesheet: First you select analytic account on your line (make sure analytic account which you select must be same as which you have selected in your job cost sheet). And also make sure your job cost sheet must be approved. Please go to your job cost sheet and make sure analytic account is same as your line and state is approved.
Allow you to set up, create and manage your subcontractors
Allow your employee/workers/project team to fill timesheets based on the job they are working on and allow them to select the job cost center and cost line on timesheets/activities.

Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet(3)

Materials Requisition / BOQ request and manage. This also allows on the fly creating purchase orders and Internal Picking / Internal Transfer from Materials Requisition / BOQ.
Unique sequence number for job cost sheet.
Create subtask/sub job orders for the main job order/work order/task.
Manage material planning and consumption of material on Job Order / Work Order (Manually).
Gives a complete idea about your planned cost and actual cost since the system allows you to set up a planned amount for material, labours, overhead on the job cost sheet and at the same time show actual amounts showing on the cost sheet automatically. This actual amount is based on linking purchase order, vendor bills, timesheets where the system allows you to select Job cost center and Cost line on Purchase order, Vendor bills and Timesheets.

Actual Cost on Job Cost Sheet


Project Team

Progress Billing to Customer

Customer Invoice from Job Cost Sheet

Estimation for Jobs - Material / Labour / Overheads

Sales Estimate Create from Job Cost Sheet

Website Job/Work Order Form and Portal

Qty Volumn Trends Report for Job Cost Sheet

Stock Picking From Invoice

Stock Picking From Customer Invoice.
Stock Picking From Supplier Invoice.

Payment Pivot & Graph Report View

Add Pivot and Graph View Report to the Payment in Account Module

Account Invoice Start End Dates

Adds start/end dates on invoice/move lines

Job Costing / Contracting Costing Report

Material Purchase Requisition and Cost Sheet Integration

Change Order in Job Contracting and Construction

Budget for Job Contracting and Construction Projects [Only for Odoo Community Edition]

Budget for Job Contracting and Construction Projects [Only for Odoo Enterprise Edition]

Equipment and Maintenance Request for Job Work Orders

Instruction and Quality Checklist on Job Order

Odoo Job Order with Expense Employee

Subcontracting in Job Order / Construction / Contracting Industry

Construction Projects on Website

Request for Information

Job Inspection

Project by Phases

Meeting Minutes for Construction and Contracating Projects

Issue Tracking System for Construction and Contracting

Job Drawing Construction and Contracting Business

Drawing Image/Photo for Job and Work Orders

Document Management for Job Contracting and Construction

Transmittals / Submittals Documents

Generic Wizard to Import Bank Statements.

Construction and Contracting with Equipment & Maintenance

Bank Account Transfer Line

Job Cost Sheet Integration with Material Planning of Job Order

Work Package for Construction and Contracting

Repair App for Construction and Contracting

Waste Management for Construction and Contracting

P&L for Job Costing (Profit and Loss Report)

Material Consumption on Job Order / Work Order

Scan & Capture Photo for Job / Task / Issue

Material Planning Integration with Material Requisition

Risk Management for Construction and Contracting Projects

Import Job Cost Sheet from Excel

Construction Daily Logs

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