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Booking & Reservation Management

Right sized, user friendly business process operations with Open ERP.

Perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms include highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

Arrange Booking and Reservation Online

The module facilitates Booking and Reservation in Marketplace.
Customers can book and reserve the services directly from the Website.

Differentiate Booking and Reservation Products

Admin/sellers can create booking type products.
As an admin, you can approve/disapprove the booking products created by the seller.

Create the Booking Plans as per the services

Admin/sellers can create booking for booking plans.
As an admin, you can approve/disapprove the plans created by the seller.

Configure Booking Slots on the basis of Weekdays

Admin/sellers can configure booking slots .

Define Time Slots for the Bookings

Admin/sellers can define time slots for booking plans.
As an admin, you can approve/disapprove the time slot created by the seller.

Set Unique Reservation Charges

You/seller can set unique appointment charges for each plan and time slot
The customers will be charges as per the chosen plan and time slot

Customer can only add same Booking at a time to the cart

Same booking can only be added to the cart one at a time

Confirm the Booking Order from the backend

Once the order is processed from the Odoo backend by the admin or seller, the booking is confirmed for the customer.

Set the Booking Quantity as you want

You/seller can set maximum booking quantity at a time
Or, can also set the overall maximum quantity for booking slot too

Set the Validity of a Booking

Admin/sellers can set the start and end date of a booking type product.
Booking & Reservation Management
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