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Documents Management

Documents Management

Automate your entire document and records lifecycle from creation, review, versioning to audit, archiving and publishing using  700-apps Document Management and Records Management System.

Organizations often face communication gaps caused by semi-automated systems and reliance on email systems. The challenge is not only ensuring transparency but also the ability to retrieve documents based on needs.

700-apps Document Management services provide organizations with all the services necessary for creating, converting, managing, and sharing electronic documents. Built on industry-standard Open Source platforms, 700-apps solutions ensure completeness, validity, traceability, and inalterability of important documents.

700-apps Records Management services provide a secure, auditable environment for creating, declaring, classifying, retaining, and destructing records. Through our solutions, organizations can ensure compliance by defining and enforcing policies for records use, storage, and disposition with a legally defensible audit trail.

700-apps service for Document Management & Record Management Solutions include:

  • Standardized workflow for creation, review and publishing
  • Single Sign-On authorization
  • Integration with proprietary applications and legacy solutions
  • Enterprise search features like federated and filtered search
  • Imaging and forms management
  • Version control, locking, check-in/out
  • Dashboards for reports, documents
  • Compliance to standards
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